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Sell Digi MP3 Rec Microphone 

Term of validity:2018-03-16-
Company: Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Sheng Wen ChenSir   Add as business partners
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Main product/Service: Tour Guide System,Digital MP3 Player,Video Processor
Management mode: Service type
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Sheng Wen Chen Sir(manager)
Tel: 886 2 82280311
Fax: 886 2 82280319
Mobile telephone:
Office address: 13F, No. 2, Jian 8th Road, Jhonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan
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    Meicheng PA-100 is an assistant for your daily broadcasting work in Bus Station, Railway Station, Subway Station, Airport, Music Hall, and any public places. It is a Digital Recording Microphones for public broadcast and has 64 MB flash memory to storage the daily broadcasting material as oral speech, CD music individually. It is allowed you to intermit the oral speech during the broadcasting to handle the live situation as person searching, vehicle number notice, etc. PA-100 DigiRec Microphone flash memory would record about 60 min of oral speech or background music. Besides of human voice or speech, music source may be record from AUX-IN jack. 4-tone chime sounds for start or finish your address. Record max. 88 sections of human voice and music. Communicate to PC via USB port so you can get the different kinds of music from PC. It supports digital MP3 audio format. You can visit our web site or contact us via

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