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Term of validity:2018-03-16-
Company: Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Sheng Wen ChenSir   Add as business partners
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Main product/Service: Tour Guide System,Digital MP3 Player,Video Processor
Management mode: Service type
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Sheng Wen Chen Sir(manager)
Tel: 886 2 82280311
Fax: 886 2 82280319
Mobile telephone:
Office address: 13F, No. 2, Jian 8th Road, Jhonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan
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    Meicheng Auto Copy Machine 100 Disc CD, VCD, DVD Duplicator is an updated stand-alone duplicator / copier for mass media disc production. It supports 16X Dual DVD disc to duplicate CDs, VCDs, and DVDs. "100 Auto Disc Duplicator" is special machine that replicas multi-original discs in one step. This powerful disc copier can duplicate 100 discs per batch and persistently reinforces high quality output during its reproduction process. Its robot arm can also pick up the reproduced discs and drop them into the bin. The bad copied disc will be dumped into a box by "Auto Quality Control". For the live product tour, please visit our product website and click in the "Movie" on the right of the product page. We invite you to visit our web site or contact us via

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