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Term of validity:2018-03-16-
Company: jinfenglighting
Contact person:yanf fengSir   Add as business partners
Index of ITU member0   Company information   Contact
Identity confirmation of third party:Have already passed
Total member evaluation: 0
Main product/Service: lighting
Management mode: Produce the type
Juridical person: yangfeng
register capital: 10 万
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yanf feng Sir(jinli)
Tel: 86 760 2321914
Fax: 86 760 2321914
Mobile telephone: 13549883127
Office address: GuangDongShenZhenGUANGDONG
Homepage of company:

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    更多产品请浏览我公司网站 联系人:杨锋 手机:13549883127 中山市古镇镇金锋透光石灯饰厂,公司专业设计、生产、加工星级酒店、宾馆、公司、别墅、影院、娱乐场所等定做工程灯具及仿云石透光板的工厂。 透光的树,圣魔之光石,月光石,圣魔光石,云石,云石胶,透光云石,云石灯, 云石灯具,人造石台面,透光云石,仿云石,云石价格,透光板,透光石 上海人造透光石价格,云石,云石胶,透光云石,云石灯,云石片,人造云石,西班牙云石吊灯. 仿云石板材系列主要应用于宾馆酒店、商务会展中心、商场浴场、别墅等中高档场所,装饰于吊顶、隔断、玄观、前台、吧台、背景墙、门庭、立柱等处或制成各种灯具装饰于显要位置,营造独特的氛围,显现物业的尊贵。

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