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Sell laminated sheets c otton paper base fabric 

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Main product/Service: vulcanized fibre,sheets tubes,rods coil roll
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aimin wang sir(manager)
Tel: 86 398 2596196
Fax: 86 398 2952629
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Office address: HeNanZhenZhouqinhan east road sanmenxia west henan China
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    层压板 laminated sheets c otton paper base fabric phenolic , phenolic resin laminates sheets used in gears, pinions, pulleys, and structural parts requiring high impact strength. Filler and wedge material on large generator stators, large compressor vanes, and cams Shaft bearings, friction bushings, condenser plugs switchboard panels, circuit breakers, switch arms, terminal blocks, motor bases 环氧玻璃布层压板 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets laminate sheets ,Glass Epoxy Sheets used in Good fabrication characteristics make this material suitable for all e lectrical and electronic applications.switch panels, switch gear, and electrical applications requiring high temperature arc resistance properties, and for slot wedges and other applications where thin sheet and fine machining are a prerequisite 层压管棒 laminated tubes rods , phenolic resin laminate tubes rods ,cotton base fabric phenolic tubes rods used in Bushings, bearings, spacer rings in metal slitting, rollers,Shaft bearings, close tolerance housings friction bushings high voltage insulators, fuse tubes, and solenoid and coil winding cores.lap spools, brush holders, liners fibre-lined fuse tubes.pulleys, bushings, rollers and insulators.all electrical and electronic applications. 覆铜板 copper_clad laminates , clad copper laminates used in computers, telephones, Hi-Fi acoustic devices, electronic toys,black-and-white TV sets, records ,Hi-Fi acoustic devices,colour TV sets and other electronic appliances computers, VCD sets, Hi-Fi acoustic devices ,high grade electronic instruments,PWB with printed circuit on one or both sides,computers,microwave ovens, communication apparatus and high grade electronic instruments complex tubes of epoxy resin fiberglass vulcanized fiber Material: Import epoxy resin, fiberglass silk, vulcanized f iber tubes Product explanation and use: The eliminated arc complex tubing of epoxy nonalkali fiberglass forms in the process which nonalkali fiberglass gauze dipped epoxy resin liquor twists the steel paper tubing,then is solidified. The inner tubing is steel paper tubing, and the outer is the complex tubing of nonalkali fiberglass gauze. The product is widely used in the fusion tubing of high pressure fallen fusion box design. With good machinability, the product can be sawed, cut, bored, and roped silk. All this machinability does not cause flaws like crackle, bedded structure, desquamation etc. All specification can be made-to-order. The color of inner tubing contains red and gray. The color of outer involves red, yellow, white, green and gray. The surface of the complex tubing is daubed proof-ultraviolet coat. The main use is for fallen switch, fuse box and other high pressure electrical equipment. fuse used in high voltage insulators and fuses tubes,insulation bushings, spacers, and coil forms for electrical equipment,arc resistance, breakers and “neck tubes” for cryogenic refrigerators.a variety of part applications. solenoid and coil winding cores.reverse osmosis shells, and rocket casings.

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