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Sell vulcanised fibre ,dielectric papers, boards 

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Main product/Service: vulcanized fibre,sheets tubes,rods coil roll
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aimin wang sir(manager)
Tel: 86 398 2596196
Fax: 86 398 2952629
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Office address: HeNanZhenZhouqinhan east road sanmenxia west henan China
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    钢纸板 vulcanized fibre vulcanized fiber vulcanised fibre ,dielectric papers, boards and films all available with adhesive backing,FORBON paper sheet roll coil gaskets fiber discs fibre cases washers fiberboard used in fiber discs,fibre discs welding mask,abrasive disc,shoe material,celloluse insole material,fiberboard textile shuttle ,washers ,gaskets.industrial composites, electrical insulation, molded ,plastics, prepregs, reinforced plastics, custom containers.laminated plastics, industrial composites, electrical insulation, molded plastics, prepregs, reinforced plastics, custom containers, circuitry laminates, automotive, aerospace, computers, electronics spec:thickness0.4mm-19.5mm ,color :red. gray .dark green. red etc. 加工研磨盘,垫片,绝缘带 fibre discs abrasive discs,gaskets,washers,roll coil 钢纸管 vulcanized fibre tubes extinguishing arc tubes arc-extinguishing tubes arc extinction vulcanized fibre tubing Vulcanised fibre (fish paper) tubing is produced from a cotton rag base paper. This is a dense material of partially regenerated cellulose in which the fibre structure is retained used as Battery Covers, Grommets, Solenoids, Capacitor Covers, Pilot Light Shields, Protecting Covers, Motor Shaft Spacers, Ignition Coils, DC Coils, Relays, Fuses,cutout fuse tubes,circuit breaker “neck tubes” for cryogenic refrigerators Polymeric Materials - Filament-wound Tubing, Industrial Laminates, Vulcanized Fiber, and Materials for Use in Fabricating Recognized Printed Wiring Boards - Component Filament-wound tubing is a tube composed of continuous monofilaments or yarns with controlled orientation in a matrix of a cured thermosetting resin. Industrial laminates consist essentially of fibrous sheet materials, such as cellulose paper, glass fabric, etc., which are impregnated or coated with a thermosetting resin binder and consolidated under high temperature and pressure into hard solid products. Vulcanized fibre is made by combining layers of chemically gelled paper. The chemical compound used in gelling the paper is subsequently removed by leaching; the resulting product is dried and finished by calendering. Materials for use in fabricating recognized printed wiring boards are insulating materials upon which a conductive pattern may be formed. They may be industrial laminates or thermoplastic or thermoset polymeric materials in film, sheet or molded form, or insulated metal sheets, with or without a conductive metal cladding. 玻璃丝布复合管棒 epoxy glass fabric tubes Rods ,tubes FORBON combination, filamite glass epoxy tubes ,Epoxy glass cloth winding tube,FILAMENT WOULD GLASS FIBER/EPOXY COMPOSITE tension rods epoxy reinforced glass filament wound tubing & tubular components from design to Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tubing 

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