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Sell laminated sheets tube rods insulation paper t 

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Term of validity:2018-03-16-
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Main product/Service: vulcanized fibre,sheets tubes,rods coil roll
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aimin wang sir(manager)
Tel: 86 398 2596196
Fax: 86 398 2952629
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Office address: HeNanZhenZhouqinhan east road sanmenxia west henan China
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    china vulcanized fibre sheet coil roll tubes fish paper laminated sheets tube rods insulation paper tubes parts gaskets 生产经营 钢纸 ,钢纸管,钢纸板层压板管棒覆铜板等绝缘材料 用于 :电焊面罩,磨砂盘,鞋垫片,纤维板,棉条筒,纺织梭子,工业,电子,仪表配件,高压熔断器,电力绝缘材料 WEB:www.CHINAVFT.COM We are manufacture vulcanized fiber sheet tube fish paper ,bushing of vulcanized fibre (textile) epoxy glass compound tube ,extinguishing arc tube ,vulcanized fibre tube,Vulcanised fibre,cellulose insole fiberboard clad copper phenolic resin laminates sheets tubes rods e-fiberglass cloth sheets etc. use in :welding mask,fiber discs ,abrasive disc,shoe material,textile shuttle ,fuse tubes,insole material, high voltage fuse,fuse bodies ,fuse links,fuse inserts,electrical devices ,spaces and bushings ,power industry,gasket,knife handlesm ,helmet,bush,bushing,fibreboard,fish paper, Bone Fiber, Electrical Insulation, Trunk Fiber, Ca

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