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  Individual internet business office make you larruping
  Individual corporation website, absolutely not the common internet shops ,can exhibit for your product sale in 365 days x 24h
  One international top-level domain name will be presented, such as:
  And thirty free corporation E-mails!
  Hundreds website template classified according to their industry,if you can type, you will easily build up your website!
  Product data and its issuance update synchronizedly with ALOHA EBN informaton at the same time, which do not need special maintenance workers!
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What is the members services of ITU ?
It is a kind of top-service made for the corporations’ internet business, ITU member own absolute priority in aspects such as issuing supply and demand information, accepting business chance ,information sequence,verification and service support etc.
  You will preferentially obtain orders by your preferential sequence  
  According to investigation: 83% clients will choose supply and demand information by their “first impressions”.
  The information of ITU member will be shown preferentially in search result pages of commodity,service!
  Clients will see the service information of ITU member at the first time!
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How about its actual benefit as members of ITU?
According to investigation:the bargain-making rate of ITU members is six times of common members.
  Various set service fully satisfy your demand  
  Set service1:EDM-E-mail marketing,, a new advertisement media with very low cost but very                         wonderful effect.
  Set service2:Pollster-online market research, let you master easily market dynamic!
  Set service3:Domain names,dummy host computers,corporation E-mail, let you do a easy job on                         internet trade platform.
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If do I need the member services of ITU?

if you want to:
lead in your same trade, achieve more orders, expand famous degree of your company, obtain more Customer groups , do not let slip any business chances, and have business hall of 24h.
Service price
Ultra low price, only 1/4 of same websites!
Service price:RMB 580 yuan

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