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This Terms is about the terms which apply for and use correlative service of ALOHA EBN ( between user and ALOHA EBN (,This Terms describe correlative detailed rights and obligations of all sides about the application of register users, identification of real name, content management etc. between ALOHA EBN ( and users. “User” or “you” indicate individual or single entity that gain application and use it through the process provided by ALOHA EBN (


1、 Acceptance terms



Through homepage into this website namely indicate you agree to sign this agreement with ALOHA EBN (, and willing to be restrained by the terms of this agreement.
1.2 ALOHA EBN ( can change the “terms” according to special cause
1.3 If "terms" have any changes, notice will be published in ALOHA EBN (, if you do not agree with correlative chances, please stop using her service”. Modified "terms" will be promulgated in ALOHA EBN (, and automatically go into effect at once.

2、 Charges



Business service provided to basic members by ALOHA EBN ( is free, but payment business service is provided to top-grade members.

2.2 ALOHA EBN ( collect charges of “service” according to charge standard which is promulgated in website.
2.3 You should pay all charges of ?business , obtaining payment service of ALOHA EBN (, or contacting with the servers of ALOHA EBN ( and all hardware, software, services and all other charges by yourself .
⒊ Service condition

Basis on commerce and prescription of internet service provided by ALOHA EBN (



Members take charge of their information, and should provide detailed corporation data, which is also true and exact one , and not to issue untrue information and information with different meanings, absolutely forbid to issue? misguiding , malicious news.
  3.2 In order to accord with the timely, detailed and exact demand, please updating register data at any time.


Member accounts and passwords provided to members by ALOHA EBN ( are only used by members, if accounts and passwords of members are lost or stolen, you should register again on time and setup your password again. If members themselves divulge their accounts secret, they themselves should bear these obligation.
  3.4 If members find the information issued by ALOHA EBN ( is inaccurate or wrong, and other mistake action, you should inform us on time. If the question can not be settled on time, you can go into complaint program of this website.
All copyrights and intellectual property of compilation, organization, propagation of commodity, information provided to members by ALOHA EBN ( belongs to ALOHA EBN (;if no written permission of ALOHA EBN ( in advance, anybody is not allowed to copy, spread, sell, publish, broadcast, rebroadcast these commodity information in any form.
  3.6 If ALOHA EBN ( find out incorrect information provided by members, we will warn them, and hold the right of stop or cancel their member qualification.
  3.7 If members violate this agreement and cause economic loss of ALOHA EBN (, we have right to investigate their economic obligation and law obligation
4、 The datum and products for business of your company
  4.1 The datum of your company, which include all datum during the process of register, trade and products listing, and any open information occasion or through E-mail, and all datum provided to ALOHA EBN ( or other users, including datum, text, software, music, sound, photo, drawing,? video, expressions or other materials. Your company takes all charge of “datum of your company”, ALOHA EBN ( is only one media for you to issue and publish “datum of your company”.
  4.2 If ALOHA EBN ( consider “datum of your company” maybe make ALOHA EBN ( bear any obligation of law or morality and justice, or maybe make ALOHA EBN ( (entirely or partially) losing internet service providers or other service providers of ALOHA EBN (, otherwise, your company do not join or join again into our website during the fixed time limit of ? ALOHA EBN ( regulation, ALOHA EBN ( can have whole rights to deal with “datum of your company” with necessary and proper action considered by ALOHA EBN (, including but not limited to delete this kind of data. Your company should guarantee here your company own all rights of “datum of your company” provided to ALOHA EBN (, including all copyrights, and ALOHA EBN ( need not take any charge of affirming or deciding the “datum of your company” provided to ALOHA EBN ( what should be protected, and ALOHA EBN ( also need not take any charge of other users’ using “datum of your company”.

5、 register obligation

  5.1 If you want to register in ALOHA EBN (, you must provide the datum about you or your company which must be true, exact, complete and can truly reflect you and your company, and maintain and update your member data on time;if any data provided by you is untrue , inexact, imperfect or which can not truly reflect you and your company, or ALOHA EBN ( doubt with reasonable reason that the data provided by you is untrue , inexact, imperfect or which can not truly reflect you and your company, ? ALOHA EBN ( have right to suspend or stop your register, and refuse you to use the “service”(or any parts of it) in any form.

During the process of register, you should choose your member register name and password. You yourself take charge of keeping secret for your member register name and password, all action obligations for using your member register name and password. You’d agree:(a)If you find anyone who use your member register name or password without your authorization, or any other things which offend secret regulation, you will inform ALOHA EBN ( at once;(b) You should ensure your exit steps are correct when you quit from internet. ALOHA EBN ( will not take any charge of all loss or damage because you do not obey the regulation of this terms.


6、 Trade process



Additive product descriptions are the text, pictures or photos provided to ALOHA EBN ( for display by your company.
  6.2 The descriptions about the products of your company which your company want to sell; and the descriptions about the products which your company is looking for, you can issue one or two types of them at the same time in ALOHA EBN (, but your company must classify these product descriptions into correct catalog before you do so. ALOHA EBN ( will not take charge of veracity and content of product descriptions.

7、 Permission use given to our company by you

    You give our company universal, permanent and free permission use (including re-authorization right on many lays), so our company have (entire or partial) right to use, copy, modify, rewrite, issue, translate, dispense, run and show "your data " or make other derivative works, input "your data " into other works by any forms known now or developed later, media or technology.
8、 Breach of regulation
  8.1 Any following case happen, ALOHA EBN ( can warn at once, suspend or stop member qualification of your company, delete all product information of your company, and all other datum of your company.

(a)Your company does not execute any terms of agreement or violate this agreement

(b) ALOHA EBN ( can not verify and identify all datum provided to ALOHA EBN ( by your company.

(c) ALOHA EBN ( believe the behaviors of your company maybe produce any law obligation to your company , users of ALOHA EBN ( or service provider of third party who supply their service through or in ALOHA EBN ( If we find out your company do any defrauding action involved ALOHA EBN (, ALOHA EBN ( can suspend or stop the account of your company.

(d)Your company do not pay related service charge of ALOHA EBN ( under the situation we inform you in advance.


9、 Extent of liability and compensation




Your company should definitely understand and agree, ALOHA EBN ( do not take any charge of compensation liability for any damage of following special case, which are not only limited to profit, business reputation, use, data etc. (no matter if ALOHA EBN ( is notified the compensation probability for these loss)

(a)Use or fail to use “this service”

(b)Any goods, samples, data, documents through or from “this service”, any information through or from “this service” or substitute goods and service charge of any trade

(c)Joining into or modifying the data or documents of your company without permission.

(d)The declaration of any third party to〝 this service 〞or action about 〝this service

(e)Any other matters related to “this service” aroused by any cause, including negligence

Your company agree, because your company violate this agreement or other terms related to this agreement, or because your company violate law or infringe on the right of third party, third party bring forward their compensation demand to ALOHA EBN ( and its sub company, branch company, directors, staffs, and deputy(including judicial charges and other charges of professional person), your company must take charge of the loss of ALOHA EBN ( its sub company, ?branch company, directors, staffs, and deputy.


10、 Force majeure factors

    Causes exceeding reasonable control range of ALOHA EBN (, including but not only limited to natural calamity, strike or disturbance, rebellion, act of war, accident of communication or other establishment or serious casualties, result in that ALOHA EBN ( delay or fail to carry out agreement, ALOHA EBN ( do not take responsibility.
11、 ALOHA EBN ( own final explanation and help right of aboveterms.

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