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If you want to use all services and message datum provided by ALOHA EBN (,you should completely accept all terms of this agreement, and obey correlative internet laws and regulations and agreements of this website. Once you use service messages provided by ALOHA EBN (, which show that you already accept and agree with and voluntarily obey all terms ,agreements of this website and correlative internet laws.

 Information of this website

The data about ALOHA EBN ( members or their products锛坣ot limited to company name , contact data and products explanation etc.锛塻hould be provided by ALOHA EBN ( members themselves, ALOHA EBN ( do not bear any law responsibility about the veracity, validity and facility of members data , members themselves should guarantee the veracity, validity and facility of their message and take charge of all law disputes .

Strictly prohibit showing your picture in this website if no written permission of ALOHA EBN ( or copyright possessor.

Browsers can use the data of this website only for individual study and research, but not for other business purposes.
 Forum and suggestion

All speech and declaration of members in the forum or other speaking areas of this website belong to their own opinions, which are not opinions of ALOHA EBN (, operators of ALOHA EBN (, or correlative companies of ALOHA EBN (, Individual suggestion about product remarks of visitors is permitted to be issued on ALOHA EBN ( , which also means that members already authorize , ALOHA EBN ( and its correlative companies to use, reprocess, modify, adopt , publish, translate, derive , distribute and broadcast their remarks in any media of the whole world with non-exclusive, permanent, final and complete right.



 Trademark and Copyright

ALOHA EBN ( own the rights of law protection in the range of whole world, except other explanation or which is permitted in this terms and regulation, all datum of this website are protected by correlative laws.

All figures, pictures, charts, logo and service names, signs of 钬?%=WebName%>(钬沤re protected by correlative laws , its trademarks, special names, signs etc. can not be used to the products or services which not belong to ALOHA EBN ( it easily leads to confusion or different meanings, or any form of twist or slander about ALOHA EBN (

All trademarks and product name , which may not belong to ALOHA EBN ( but may be the trademarks of their holders or register trademarks, if not own the written permission of third party to use the trademark of ALOHA EBN ( or other rights of this website, this website do not consider that you are already authorized to use any display trademark of this website.


 Exemption declaration

ALOHA EBN ( company declare here not to bear any law obligations about matters concerned as follows:

锛?锛? ALOHA EBN ( not guarantee your website use, all correlative contents, services of this website or other sites linking to this website and their contents. About all contents of this website, include contents, materials or products, but not limited to operation or information, we do not provide any express or suggestive guarantee.

锛?锛?All losses or damages which are caused by using the information of this website or link to this website should be beard by users themselves.

Users钬?use of this website indicate that they will bear all risk of browsing this website.




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