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For Supplier
Hello, I am Supplier Guide! Are you a supplier? Are you feel no way to develop web marketing? Are you have doult to search business opportunies on ALOHA EBN web? Please let me take you have a look at market and explain to you on the way!
    Post Selling Leads and show your information to let you to be found by buyer
register as ALOHA EBN member -- Passport!
Only register as a member, you can post all kinds of information. If you are not member,please register immediately
ALOHA EBN What service does ITU member can accquired? If I have to pay for register ITU member?If yes,how much?
Forgot the ITU username? Forgot password?
How to modify my contact information? How long does it function when modified?
    2. Post Company profile-- Show company strength!
If you create your company file,not only increase the opportunity of publicity company, but also convient for trade partner to understand your company information,because anywhere you post "Selling Leads",""Product Catalogy", there'll be a link of your company file.Now go toPost company Profile!
How to create my company file? What kind of company file may can't be passed ALOHA EBN editor' audition?
How to modify my company file?
    3. Post Selling Leads--Gain buyer' feedback!
"Selling Leads " is an instant trade information which has very wide scope includeing your company' major products or service supplied, and search for agent cooperation etc. Now go toPost Selling Leads!
How to post Selling Leads? What standards to post Selling Leads of ALOHA EBN web?
How long does the information submit appeare on ALOHA EBN web? How to gain more feedback for my information?
How to classify the information of ALOHA EBN web?
    Create web exhibition hall to be visited by buyersat any time and anywhere!
" Product Show " is a ALOHA EBN ' service to supply show and enquire product picture and text information for ITU member.For ITU member who has added product picture can select a picture added.Now go to Post product!
How to add product picture? ALOHA EBN Standard that accept product picture is what?
If I can at once search the product picture just added on ALOHA EBN web?
    Search Buying Leads,take the initiative to find the buyer
Two ways,
The first way, Using search function, you can search buying leads through product keyword at "my sale",and also you can lubricate the information according to area.
The second way,Enquire step by step according to product classification to search related selling leads more quickly.
The third way, Combine below teo ways,that means using product name to search in enquiring product classification.
The fourth way , Go to Big buyer special purchasing area to this special area area shows High quantity buyer Buying Leads which was collected by ALOHA EBN Shanghai buyer service department.Buyer' business license must be checked earnestly to insure its reliability.
When have searched the information you interested in, you can "send quotationr" or "Leave a message" to buyer.
    Subscribe to business express to surf millions of business opportunies.
Business express is a trade leads quickly matched service which ALOHA EBN Web provide to you! We'll email everyday's new added trade leads to you according to the information you subscribed. If your are busy,and can't frequently login ALOHA EBN to search the information you interested in,please subscribe immediately.
Two subscription ways:
The first way, Subscribe to every day' related buying leads through the product keyword you interested in.
The second way,Subscribe to every day' related buying leads through the industry you interested in.

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