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What is ALOHA EBN "Companies"?
I'm not ALOHA EBN member,If I can create/modify my oen company profile on ALOHA EBN ?
How to create my company profile?
If I can create multi company profile?
What kind of company profile can't pass the audition of ALOHA EBN editor?
How to sellect category when my company has many difference in product type?
If my company profile just created/modified can be searched immediately in ALOHA EBN companies?
How to confirm my company file has finally passed the audition of ALOHA EBN Editor?
How to modify my company data?
If I can modify the contact person' name and title when I add/edit/check out company profile?
The syetem notice me that "Company name is duplicate with company name" when I create/modify company profile,why?
How to reflect my problem which met in adding/editing/checking out to ALOHA EBN ?

What is ALOHA EBN "Companies"?
Aloha"Companies" is an information database to show and check out business company and organizations.
It is not only add the opportunities to publicize your company but also if you are member,it will appear the link of you company profile when you are posting "Trade Leads",showing "Product catalog",which is conviently for business partner to konw more about your side.

How to create my company profile?
Only our member can create/modify their own company file, not a member?Immediately go toregister for member

How to create my company profile?
Creation method for member
Click the right corner of ALOHA EBN Assistant";
Click the link of the left column of "my Company profilr" ;
Click"Create immediately"
Fill in the related words according to the requestments;

If I can create many company profiles?
Each member( or not member) only can create one company file.

What kind of company file can't pass the audition of ALOHA EBN editor?
The company full name is the whole English.
The introduction is English.
There are some unclear or reaction,unture or other not appropriate text for company profile in introduction.
There are some information about website address,linkman,contact phone,fax,email,address etc. in company profile.
Adding picture and HTmL mark to introduction.
The other information you filled in is not appropriate with your website or your web is other business web' free homepage.
maybe our website address directs to any business web.

If the product category has many differences,How to select catalogs when create company profile?
The catalog classification of ALOHA EBN is based on product classification.Please considerate your business key to select the product which most core and most needed to publicize to position.

I just create/modify my company profile if I can search it at ALOHA EBN companies immediately?
First,your company file will be sent to ALOHA EBN edition department,only it pass the audition can appear on the web.If the format you filled is totally right,generally it will be finished with one working days,if not will be delaied.

How to confirm my company file has passed the audition of ALOHA EBN editor?
If the company file that you submitted has passed the audition, ALOHA EBN will send a mail to you to confire your company profile; If have not pass the audition, you will also receive our explanatin email.

How to modify my company data?
The modification method for the member
Click the right corner of " ALOHA EBN "
Click the link of the left column of "my Company Profile ";
Click "Edit my company file"
Fill in related writing according to the requestments


How to modify ALOHA member' company name,link man name and title?
If you have to modify your register information, you can login to Business assistant to modify.  

When I create/modify my own company name,the system noyice me that "Company is duplicate with company in companies" why?
If appeared this cue,it means that someone has created the same company file and has sent it to ALOHA EBN , please contact with editor to clarify your circumstance,our editor will handle it for you.

How to reflect the problem I met in adding/cancelling/checking out company file to ALOHA EBN ?
Please use ALOHA EBN Helpline, and add below information in "Contents" item, We will reply to you as soon as possible.
The problem that you meet;
The time that you red on the page;
Your ITU member username;
The password you used at that time.

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