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1. What Is EDM?
EDM, namely“E-mail marketing,reach to its purpose of product’s propaganda,Introduction and popularization by the way of sending advertisement archives which are already made to objective clientss through group E-mails, EDM is very important in network operation and also one kind of advertisement form of “The Fourth Media”(Internet).
2. Is EDM Really Useful?
The acceptant of EDM absolutely agree with your operation purpose.        For example, your marketing plan is :in order to let three hundred thousand people to know about your products,you can choose the mediae TV, newspapers or plane etc.        Medias to propagandize and popularize your products, but you can not know exactly in advance if it can reach to your anticipative aim .        If you choose EDM to propagandize and popularize your marketing products,it is easy for you to realize your operation plan.        according to your operation plan, we send more 2-5 times E-mail than your plan(If he number of your plan is three hundred thousand , the actual E-mails will be six hundred thoudand to one point five million),   which ensure that ensuer three hundred thousand people can read your marketing products,our professional arithmometer count till three hundred thousand absolute IP (not the same computer) read your advertisement,i.  e.         Three hundred thousand people absolutely read your advertisement,and not less than six hundred thousand people who read your advertisement,some quantitative people among three hundred thousand people will be interested in your products and order your products in your advertisement,which is one function of EDM that other mediae do not possess it canmake orders instantly and then feed back to manufacturers.
3. What Is The Advantage CComparing With Traditional Advertisement?
Comparing with traditional advertisement,our advantage is “Very Cheap Cost But Very Wonderful effect”,please read “lick Strike” to examine their contrast.        If order EDM marketing, please click    Click here
Pollster is one professional network market research institution of Jishuo, which do a job of omnidirectional market research about corporation,and own abundant market research experience and cooperation partners,which is one of professional network market research institution of Taiwang.        Here you can investigate many subjects such as “The Research Of clients Satisfaction”、“The Research Of trademarks”、“The image Of Famous Brand Cognizant Degree” 、“The Research Of corporations”、“The Research Of Market Pprice Orientaiton” etc.,You only need to tell us your market demand,we will finish all other jobs by our commissioner of market research to make you master market dynamics and make right decision for your business.
1. What Percent Of Pollster’S Questionnaire Return Rate Is ?
The questionnaire of Pollster is provided to three hundred thousand register members of Pollster,the members who accept questionnaire will gain return points of Po-Dollar,use the points of Po-Dollar, they can gain cash or present exchange.         On-line market research is different with common market research, on-line market research can own very high Real-time questionnaire return rate ,about above 2%-25% of questionnaire return rate according to different attraction.
2. Market Research Through Network, Is the Conclusion Of Pollster True And Credible?
Pollster provide questionnaire through network,the people who accept questionnaire are the crowds from all ages and all classes in real society,plus many years market research experience and cooperation partners of Pollster,we can ensure the reliability of conclusion.        If you have some special demands,we can unite the cooperation media of Pollster to supply following market research service of Pollster, please “click here

Value, the best business net of Jishuo, is one network institution which can supply information course service for corporation such as the register of domain name , dummy host computer, corporation E-mail etc. .

1. register service of domain name
Value work on many years in register service of domain name,there are thousands registered Domain Name register per day in whole world,now there are less and less Domain Name ,if your company own special English name or the name you very like and easy to remember,you should hurry,because the first register people will own its access.        Do not hesitate! come to Value for register of domain name, let we help you!
2. the service of dummy host computer
Do you bother for web building server? Value will relieve your all bother ,Value chronically supply the service of dummy host computer for corporations ,you can hire our host computer and also can ask us to deposit your host computer.        Our dummy host computer system, which base on one-up dummy host computer management system of home Prim@HostingTM ,and the group technique of distributed dummy host computer server,and outright adopt high-collocation famous brand servers,is your best dummy host computer provider which help you to develop your electronic business .
3. corporation E-mail system
Our corporation E-mail system,with characteristic of great capacity、high effect、safety、reliability etc.,can satisfy the demand of corporations for mail exchange,and even more become the information exchange platform of corportion electronic business.        And support the standards of POP3/SMTP etc.        EMAIL agreement,and can exchange directly data directly with other E-mail system;and support mostly Email clients program such as Outlook、Foxmail、Mozila Thunderbird etc.,and satisfy different use habit of clientss.
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