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Global network marketing digital:

The arrival of internet marketing digital economy bring a great impact on traditional marketing . If enterprises want to continue their marketing business for ever, global network marketing digital is a no alternative route. This not only refers to the E- business , electron , network of the physical enterprise , but also more review and positioning which invisible network marketing digital bring to the traditional marketing. Global network marketing digital of corporations has its risk , however there are more higher risk for enterprises not adopting global network marketing digital , the greatest challenge of enterprises is how to reduce the risk of changes in the network marketing digital and receive the achievements of network marketing digital reform.

The biggest difference between JiShuo Technology and the general transnational corporations and local companies, is that we combined the applications of world's advanced technology with the understanding and caring for local customers . We are a 「world experience localized」 glocal (global & local) corporation, with self-expectations of becoming a partner of taiwan and global enterprises on the way entering network marketing digital economy era . Business partner refers to the joint ventures, sharing risk, and common growth, the sharing of benefits, instead of the 「cash on delivery」 relationship between party A and party B of a sale contract. We treat partners as 「life community」.

Global network marketing digital of corporations want to master its advantages, lower its risk , it needs not only a information marketing services company, but also a partner;so JiShuo Technology is just one of your best partners of global network marketing digital!


JiShuo Technology deeply understands clients -especially loyal customers, is the key of enterprise's survival and their business continuing for ever. Our philosophy is "winning loyal customers by loyalty to them". More practical implementation of this idea is in JiShuo Technology culture, organization and operation.

The consensus of all staff form our enterprise culture , That is : contribution to the customers is the largest contribution to the company ; Customer’s satisfaction is the highest index of the company operation,and also the starting point of customer loyalty. Every day we must ask ourselves : What I do for customers today ? Are customers satisfied with my services ?

Our customer-centred spirit has never been changed with time passing by , our commitment to quality has never been relaxed, In strict service management system , even after the harsh test such as 921 earthquakes, 1999 , we have not been affected , and maintain a sustained service of good quality record!

Customer-centred philosophy in jishuo technology is fully implemented.On the one hand , for index-type clients, we adopt global consistent quality service detection window(service dashboard), use signals to show satisfaction of customers to our service in this hour and moment. This assessment system by initiating customers through the Internet, Let service management to be implemented from organizations top to its grass-roots units. On the other hand, service management team is composed of ce(client executive), cde(client delivery executive)and cse(client sales executive) in organization patterns ,pools resources, lets all groups of Jishuo technology to face market-oriented at the same time, uses customer satisfaction as a communication language, and achieves realm of good quality service.

In the era of the digital economy, jishuo technology will continuously use advanced technoloty, strong logistical support, professional focusing competition strategy, consistent quality and Global Resource Network , localization action power, to create a new future of digital economy together with you.

Our three commitments to clients:
1:Global network marketing digital is the investment of corporation for the future, assisting clients to obtain the highest return from their investment in global network marketing digital (roi:return on investment) is our duty-bound duty .

2:Our aim is to serve customers, and solve problems of global network marketing digital for you, the largest customer’s satisfaction is our consistent service spirit.

3:The success of the enterprise global network marketing digital needs our long-term collaboration and joint efforts. Becoming the most reliable partners of customers is our most proud expectations.

All colleagues of JiShuo Technology will give full play to their personal ability and wisdom, and use strength of a team to fulfil the commitments to customers!


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